“Manchester” is an NFT, from the “Bored Shapes” collection.

Edition 1/1.
Artist: DGee
Final size: 1572 x 2370 px 300dpi

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What is an NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token, or NFT, is a unique virtual 100 % token (or a digital version of something that exists in the real world) that is issued on the blockchain, mostly Ethereum, and directly transferable between two people.

An NFT is different from traditional cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin or Ether. Crypto currencies are indeed fungible, that is to say interchangeable: 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 other Bitcoin, while an NFT is not fungible.

It is therefore a unique asset that cannot be replaced by something else: 1 NFT is not worth 1 other NFT. A non-fungible token indeed has unique properties and shows certain proofs of authenticity and signatures such as a unique identifier, a unique creator or even unique content.

NFTs are therefore perfect for digital works which are thus certified.

Why the Polygon blockchain?

The costs (gas) are lower than with Ethereum, so it is important to offer you an overall price as close as possible to the price of the work.
If you want, we can also switch an NFT to Harmony (ONE) or Celo (CELO).

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